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Here at ESPA Locksmith (Eastern South Pennsylvania Locksmith), whether you are locked at 2:00AM in the night or 4:00PM afternoon, we are always there to help you during any time of the day. Our 24 hr locksmith services in Allentown, Pennsylvania, are self explanatory of being most demanded and praised all over. Our services are operational always, 24 hours, 7 days of the week and we work with one mission- your security, satisfaction and peace of mind!

We are taking care of all kinds of locks, whether in the cars, at homes or at work are within the easy reach of Local Locksmith Allentown. The high quality of the services rendered by the technicians ascertains that there is huge importance given to the security of their customers’ car, house, or business, by them.

The locksmith technician will provide you complete information about the various security options that he have when you contact him. To mention a few of them, the services include lock repairing, key replacement, installation and service of vehicle ignitions, customized locks, highly secure locks, deadbolt bocks, mortise locks, keyless systems for access, cabinet locks, garage locks, and many more!

Call (215) 596-4002 for Philadelphia Metropolitan Area, or (484) 275-0750 for Allentown and Lehigh Valley, PA, area, and be expected our nearest mobile locksmith to arrive to you within 20 minutes of your call!

Why choose us?

Here are facts about East Pennsylvania Locksmith that support our claim to be the source of great security services:
1. Available 24x7

2. Two locations - NO Dispatch!

3. No Extra charges nights, weekends, or holidays.

4. Our company has skilled and experienced locksmith technicians.

5. Our company offers to clients in Lehigh Valley, PA, and Philadelphia Metropolitan Area, an extra protection with a free 90-day guarantee that we give to our clients when they purchase any lock, car key, or for labor.

6. Our company uses high-quality materials! These are locks and keys from high profile brands in the industry.

7. Our company try to ensure quick and prompt service to every customer, in any location, and in any time, 24 hours around the clock, day and night.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Goal!

Here at ESPA Locksmith, we are serving you 24/7 for all your locksmith needs. Over the years we have learned that a happy customer is a customer that comes back, or refers us to another new customer. Therefore, our locksmith technician will help you with a smile and ensure that you get a prompt, honest and professional service, in order to satisfy you.

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ESPA Locksmith proud to represent two locations. We are located in Allentown, and Philadelphia, PA. We are serving the greater Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, and Philadelphia Metropolitan Area. Please click on the images below to see cities and zip codes.

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